The spirits of loved ones who have passed
try really hard to let us know they are still around,
helping and guiding us.

I Can Help You Find Proof That The Spirits Of Your Loved Ones, Still Live On....

The good news…this is really simple and you don’t need psychic ability to start witnessing results!

Hi my name is Julie Kay and I have been a psychic medium since childhood and worked professionally for over 16 years helping people re-connect to their loved ones who have passed

I myself have lost two babies & my loving mother so I personally understand the heartache and grief that you and all my clients are going through. I have made it my lifes work & purpose to help everyone understand that the afterlife is real and your loved ones spirit really does still live on…

When a loved one is lost there are so many questions and I needed a way to give these answers and information to my clients without it taking up their valuable reading time…the information in this workbook was the answer

Life after Life Communication can also help you discover the afterlife with…


  • The 7 most common and easily detected things spirits do to let you know when they are around
  • Where your loved one has gone and whether they are happy
  • How spirits can help us in our time of need from the other side
  • Why you don’t need to fear death or things that go ‘bump in the night’ any longer
  • Easy to understand information, strategies and exercises that are simple to use to witness your loved ones communication with you and how you can learn to communicate with them. 
  • An understanding to any unexplained experiences that you may have already had and probably questioned “Was that real or just my imagination?”


This video is from one of my clients Narelle - I am very grateful to Narelle for sharing her personal experience since losing her loving partner Wayne to cancer. 



Just like Narelle, you will also understand…

That when we lose a loved one…we lose more than just their presence. We lose our future with them here with us - we lose the ability to hug and hold them and we are left feeling lost and alone because we have also lost their guidance and support. The grief and pain of losing them and all of this can be made easier when you know they still live on and that they do visit often

I love reconnecting people to their loved ones via readings but when someone has their own experience and they witness the afterlife for themselves then it becomes undeniable and so much more real for them…and thats why its important for me to teach others to do this for themselves…yes, even if that makes me obsolete as a psychic. 

The information in this workbook has been taught in my workshops since 2007 with my ‘Connect to Loved Ones Passed Workshop’.

This is by far one of my most popular workshops and it has already helped so many people communicate with the spirits of their loved ones.

Dear Julie

When I attended your "Connecting to Loved Ones Past" workshop I was flush with an equal measure of nerves & excitement. After entering into the meditation on the evening, the anxiety was soon replaced with a warm sense of calm and openness which I feel assisted wonderfully in the process.

This was where I began to not only write answers to questions that I had about my dearly beloved brother & mother, I also 'felt' her familiar comfort & could actually smell gardenias which is the scent of her home garden. I had no doubt at all that they were both there with me!

For anyone who has fears about death or is concerned about their own loved ones who have died, I would highly recommend to do this life-changing workshop.

Many sincere thanks to you Julie.

Xo Di Thompson Gold Coast



Then in 2008 I released the first edition of this workbook called Eternal Soul Communications, the first edition was extremely successful and people could finally do this workshop no matter where they were located in the world…but people were still asking questions not covered in this first edition…so it was time to update and revise to this new edition…Life after Life Communication…


Dear Julie

Your workbook has helped me immensely and has been a source of comfort to me since my Nan passed on 20th October 2010. I wasn't able to be at Nan's funeral and I have since connected with my Nan and said my farewell in the way I wanted to, to honour my Nan, express my love and gratitude, and to wish Nan love, peace and joy as she continues her journey. Since reading your workbook, I am more conscious of the signs and symbols I come across and the subconscious messages I receive. Your workbook has assisted me greatly in coming to terms with my Nan's passing and supported me during this emotional time. Thank you for creating this workbook Julie, as I now have a better understanding of the spiritual realm and I know in my heart and soul that I'm able to connect with my loved ones past, which is a true gift and blessing.

Karen Low Queensland Australia


This newly revised edition contains much more including…

  • A comprehensive guide to the afterlife and how spirit communication is possible
  • Why babies and children are sensitive to spirits and how they let you know when spirits are around
  • How to develop communication with the spirit of your loved ones passed for guidance and direction
  • Why you don’t need to fear death and how you can feel safe connecting to your loved ones past
  • Personal experiences from others and myself that you may also encounter and relate to 
  • Never miss a visit from spirit’s again by knowing the 7 most common and easily detectable ways spirits let us know they are around.

I know in my heart that you will find great inner peace and comfort by being able to sense when your loved one is present yourself!

I have always said that if I teach enough people to experience and communicate with the afterlife then I have done what I came here to do. Not only will this book help you find comfort, knowing that you loved one is around but you won't need to pay out big money to the psychics like me any longer. The life after life workbook is a fraction of the price of what a reading with a good psychic costs.

This workbook can also give you something that no psychic medium can…and that’s the opportunity to do this and prove it for yourself.

Get your copy now for only $47


Losing a loved one is the one of the most traumatic experiences you will ever go through in this life time and we often need a little help to find our feet again. Because of this, I am including some very helpful and practical free gifts for you…


Gift One – A Guide to Grief, Loss and Finding Happiness Again
(downloaded instantly)

Written by Psychologist and grief counsellor Kelly Jackson, it contains expert advice and real practical information to help you understand and cope with the emotional side of bereavement and grief.

  • The 7 stages of the grief cycle will help you understand the emotional stages that you are likely to experience when losing a loved one.
  • Understand the symptoms of grief and the warning signs so that you can determine if what you are experiencing is normal or whether you need to seek further support. 
  • Know the best way to support your child through their sadness and grief so they regain stability in their life once again.
  • How to support loved ones and friends coping with grief so you know the right things to say and do. 
  • Suggestions and tips to finding happiness again to help you regain your zing for life when you’re ready.


Gift Two – Balance Meditation
(downloaded instantly)

You will love this guided meditation even if you have never meditated before… Meditation is widely accepted in the fields of psychology and counselling as a way to encourage a state of calm and relaxation.


  • Just listen to and follow my voice to balance and recharge the 7 major energy centres of mind, body and soul
  • Helping you achieve a state of calmness and relaxation so you feel happier and healthier and much more able to cope


Gift Three – Access to our online community interactive blog

A place where you get to read other peoples experiences as well as share your own.

  • There is nothing better than having a community of support you can share and confirm your experiences with
  • I love to visit often and add my thoughts to keep the community updated and to also add my personal messages

I have spent well over 15 years gathering and developing the information in this workbook and it can help you gain a lot of comfort and insight into understanding the afterlife and how to reconnect to your loved ones spirit. 

The great news is that this workbook is only $47.00 which is a lot less than half the price of a reading with me.



This is what you will receive today Value Your Cost
Life after Life Communication $47.00 $47.00
Balance & Recharge Meditation $25.00 FREE
Finding Joy After Bereavement eBook $37.00 FREE
Access to share your experiences – blog PRICELESS FREE
TOTAL $47.00


If you have never come across me before, I completely understand that you may be wary and thats why I offer a 100% money back guarantee, it is my full intention that you and all of my clients find the answers you are looking for and I am continuing to help and support those in need.

In love and light always

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Get your copy now for only $47

P.P.S. Since releasing the first edition of this workbook and workshop I have had so many people tell me how this has changed their lives. I think this newly revised 2nd edition that comes with all the extra gifts will help thousands more release their sadness and grief. I want to wish you all the best in your journey and for a happy future. 

Get your copy now for only $47

P.P.P.S. since releasing the first edition in 2008 I have received wonderful feedback from clients from all over the world. 

Get your copy now for only $47